Bike Requirements

  • No reflectors - pedals included.
  • No front hand brakes or back pedal brakes
  • Must have bar ends (caps/full cover handle bar grips to cover the hollow end of the handle bars)
  • Must have a free wheeling hub (wheel spins in the air without pedalling)
  • No chain guards or exposed mounts
  • No stunt pegs or extra long pretruding bolts

Please speak to the Club President who will assist with any queries/advice.


Rules (Track rules during Official Practice/Racing)

  • All riders must carry their BMX Licence or Green slip at all times
  • All riders must be registered to ride on the track, must have a number plate with the nominated number clearly visible.
  • All riders must ride with the correct racing attire this includes full-face helmet, full fingered gloves, long sleeve top tucked in, long pants, enclosed footwear, ankles covered by socks. Note: Shorts are permitted providing they cover the knees and hard protection for knees and shins is worn.
  • No riders are permitted to cut onto the track at any time (you must complete full laps)
  • No rider is permitted to stop on the track during practice
  • All riders must pay nomination fee or $2 to the score hut prior to going onto the track to race or do gates a sticker will be issued at time of all nominations or gate payment
  • Nominations close at 6.45pm
  • Sprockets/new riders training 6.45pm to 7.00pm
  • Pro straight practice 7.00pm to 7.15pm
  • Racing Commences 7.15pm

Our Address:  Malabar Way, Bibra Lake
Club Racing:   Tuesday Nights
Nominations From:  6.15PM & CLOSE 6.45PM

Nominations by phone:

0400 714 522



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